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When the heck did that happen?! XD;;

Thank you so much everybody!!
Stop questioning me people, Naruto is THAT good!! XD;;

Now back to working, must get stuff done for NDK! I can't believe it's going to be in two weeks! I'm so excited! I am so hoping what happened last year happens again lol. Look for me I'll be wearing a Nauto headprotector and hopefully the gloves too XD; *at least I'd better be, I want one so much X3*
I <3 Naruto! XD XD XD

I started reading the manga and I can't stop! Though only reason I did was that I ran out of the ones I dled, lol XD

No manga has gotten me this riled up before! It's so much better than the anime though the anime is still really good. But the manga doesn't have all the stupid recap parts etc XD; Well It does a little but usually just a page. Mmmm I still have 8 more volumes to drool over~
The Ark pic will be done..someday, just gotta finish something else before that. So people who are wondering when it'll be done, somewhere between Sept 1 and Sept 18 XD;
*rolls on the ground*

Anyways, how do you get icons to work around here now? 'cuz some linkage needs to be made :D
Do thumbnails show up on anybody's devwatch? Or is that something I need to set, or is it not up yet?
*'cuz I can and I'm the type to sometimes plan ahead anyways*

I was thinking what pieces I want to do for NDK in Sept. So far I was thinking of these:

.hack//dusk with Elk and Mia
Bogun and Munak with a pet something
Some other Ragnarok Online pic
Chii and Dark Chii
Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi
Magical Nurse Witch Komugi
Bakura and Marik
Ma Loki Ragnarok
Oni and Ark (a two piece set)
Some other originals

..dang I got a lot right here already^^; But does anyone have any other suggestions? Particularly if you're going to Nan Desu kon! :D

:iconeto: :iconkittizak: :iconkrissu: :icon-patches-: :iconraithesheep: :iconsebychu: :iconshadychan:
Things are going to be slow. I have a few commissions and some projects that take up a lot of time but can't be shown for quite a while^^;

:iconeto: :iconkittizak: :iconkrissu: :icon-patches-: :iconraithesheep: :iconsebychu: :iconshadychan:
Wow! over 10,000 views! Thank you so much you lovely people you! :D :D :D

:iconeto: :iconkittizak: :icon-patches-: :iconraithesheep: :iconsebychu: :iconshadychan:
Whoop whoop, I just want to give a shoutout to all my homie g's out there on DA. *does that weird peace sign over heart out* Much love, peace out yo.

...ok you got me, I just don't want to study ;_;

Go look at my friends' stuff! They're way better then me :D *gyah I hope I didn't forget anybody right now >.>;*

:iconeto: :iconkittizak: :icon-patches-: :iconraithesheep: :iconsebychu: :iconshadychan:
Could some nice person tell me what the codey thing is to have an icon show? Something like ::icon[name]::?
I don't draw/sketch nearly enough...and that worries me. Maybe I wasn't mean to pursue an artist career.
The most common comment about Oni that I get is that she's unique. *I assume this is all based off of appearance since people usually say it after looking at a pic XD;* I personally don't see how other people see that. I always thought she looks like one of the other billion blue fox anthros out there to other people o.o Not like I'm not happy about it! I really am 'cuz it's all 'Wow!  People notice her! :D"

But I lum her, as you can probably tell with how much I draw her XD; I wonder how many years I've had her now~ I really need to draw her with her scythe again, it's been too long XD;
I'm not dead, really o.o

Christmas pic is slowly coming along lol. I gonna finish it dang it. I don't care how stupid I'll look uploading a Christmas pic in Spring either XD;

I heart General Caine. *is sure only a very few people will get that*
I keep seeing those pixel dolls everywhere and I want to make one! I just have no idea how ;_; I know about getting bases and all but beyond that...Anybody out there wanna tell me how? :D;;
Bwei~! :D

So the holidays are over, but me with my stubborness am slowly working on my Christmas pic still XD;;;

My New Years resolution: To be a Ring Wraith, lol!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! :D close yet so far x.x
The contest results are in! Thanks to all who participated! And congrats to Lucrecia for her winning entry! Take a look at my site for the entry pics^___^
The new deadline is NOV. 15 due to lack of entries!

Draw one or more of the Zetallis Crew's characters in a Halloween theme. This can be costumes or spooky atmospheres or whatnot. That's all^___^ *if you have a question about a character, feel free to ask about it*

A original doodle by Oni, several anime posters, and a DVD anime catalog*trailers for 30 animes and an entire ep of Arjuna*.

1. The character(s) in the pic must be ours or focus on ours.
2. No nudity or porn. And we don't think artistic nudity would apply in this contest. If you question your entry email just ask.

Important Extra Stuff:
1. Entries must be received by Oct. 31.
2. Have the email title be CONTEST ENTRY and send it to
3. Include your name and website if you have one.
4. If possible, please give us the link to the pic, but if need be you can attach it.
5. Pictures are judged by creativity and effort.
6. Have fun!^____^